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If you don’t need the co-working space, but would like to connect to like-minded people and broaden your horizon while networking and discussing different topics, our virtual membership is for you. Become part of our inspiring community!




Our member ecosystem includes value-driven entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, activists, creatives, investors, freelancers, mentors and many others. Though our Connect Members share the common trait of being courageous within their work and valuing connections with their peers, their backgrounds and ventures vary to a great extent.


Come to find like-minded Hubbers who work together, attend and organize events, run their own workshops, and find co-conspirators and partners with whom you can prototype and launch projects that make a difference.



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You can join for 30000 HUF per year, meaning 2500 HUF per month – about the price of a lunch or a dinner.*

We now also offer a monthly payment option, in which case the CONNECT membership costs 4500 HUF per month.

*Memberships are always per person, prices are in HUF and include VAT.

Looking for daytime access? If you’re interested in using the space use during business hours, check out our other packages! Learn more about the benefits of a full membership.

If in doubt, you can always ask our Community Catalyst, Medina Abylkasymova for more info. Connect her via [email protected].



Impact Hub Budapest would be nowhere without its community. We cherish our members and the ecosystem around the Hub because we learn a lot from each other and join hands in exciting projects. Connecting people as well as enabling professional development and networking has always been very important for us so it’s great that we have a growing number of ambassadors whom we can rely on and collaborate with.

Lehel Zsuzsi - Felelős Gasztrohős

“My name is Zsuzsanna Lehel and I’m the program coordinator of the Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation (Felelős Gasztrohős Alapítvány). Environment protection is very important to me, especially since I became a mother. In general, I always find myself working in the topic of education development. Right now, I’m committed to present the answers to the everyday challenges of sustainability in an easily digestible way to as many people as possible.”

Répássy Zsuzsi – Itt a szezon!

“I’m Zsuzsanna Répássy, the co-founder of the producers’ market place I care about everything that results in win-win situations, with an emphasis on sustainability-related topics. We founded our startup which delivers producers’ delicious products to urban consumers with my former boss and friend, Zsuzsi Hámori. We aspire to have delicious, organic and healthy products available for us and our family. Previously, I volunteered at the TEDxDanubia conferences, hold trainings for young leaders about sustainability and online marketing. Although I’m a trained teacher and economist, I primarily feel like a juggler when it comes to work, myself and the three kids.”

Földi Barbara ‘Barka’

“I am a learning experience designer who provides you the most out of your learning process and you can adopt in your everyday life in the most useful way! I can add a sustainable twist to it as I am a committed social entrepreneur who is devoted towards a greener life on this planet.”




Szilvia Filep

“My official title is marketing and communication expert, the unofficial is future of work fanatic and freelancer lifestyle addict. In the past couple of years I’ve kicked off several projects to support the community building, knowledge sharing and networking amongst Hungarian freelancers: Freelancers in Hungary meetup in 2013 (the community has over 1800 members now), Freelancer Festival in 2017 (this is an annual event organized during spring in Budapest) and the very first online magazine for Hungarian freelancers called FreelancerBlog in 2018. ”