Live practice complementing the online course Co-presencing, Co-creation, Collaboration. Global topic of 2016: The future of our cities

Come and join us for a 6 week shared and participative learning journey, a mindwalk with action based prototypes.

By following the free online U.Lab you will learn the basics of Theory U, a process for connecting to the more authentic aspects of who we are individually and collectively, and apply it to the issues and systems that matter most to you.

We believe that Theory U - Presencing is a well-designed process to allow both individual and systemic change to occur while we develop some crucial skills, such as mindfulness practice, systemic awareness, team support and cooperation, co-creative and innovative thinking and dialogue processes.

If you want to participate, please complete these steps:
  1. Enroll to the official course here:
  2. Download the 90-min pre-requisite material before the first meeting on 8th September at 4 pm in Impact Hub Budapest.
  3. Join the facebook group of U.Lab Hungary
  4. Come to the events and meet the Hosts and other local participants. Let's take this journey together!

U.Lab events


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