Kicsi Pakk!
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Kicsi Pakk! (Small Pack)

Join Kicsi Pakk personally, with your company or NGO, and give a present to 126 children in foster care. One of Impact Hub’s favorite Christmas traditions is Kicsi Pakk (Small Pack), which will continue this year as well. For 4 years now, we have been organizing and also buying some of the desired Christmas gifts for the residents of a Pilis orphanage. We are happy that you join hands with us to bring magic to the kids’ Christmas.
About Kicsi Pakk (Small Pack)

The Kicsi Pakk (Small Pack) is a corporate social responsibility movement, that was created by MagNet Bank that aims to allow children in the foster care system to get their presents under the Christmas Tree. Companies and NGOs joining Kicsi Pakk take up the responsibility to organize and collect the individual offerings of their colleagues and their employees, who volunteer to buy a gift for a child from the list HERE.

The Small Pack is a well-scalable form of donation that works in an open-source system. In the first year, in 2017, already 70 businesses joined the movement, fulfilling the Christmas wishes of 1,850 children.
The prices of the gifts are between (5.000-8.000) Ft and we are accepting the presents by the 15th of December to deliver it to them by Christmas.
If you want to join or have any questions, write to us at [email protected].