#ImpactfulStories: The BeCon.live
- budapest

We strongly believe in the power of community. People join IHB for networking, sharing ideas with each other or taking part in workshops or trainings to create something new, innovative, and impactful. An example is Chintan and Antonio who met at the IHB and collaborated since January 2019. Here is their successful story:

Q: Where do you originally come from?

Chintan is from Delhi, India

Antonio is from Malaga, Spain

We both followed our partners to Budapest about 2 years ago.

Q: What previous experience do you both have?

Our CEO Chintan, MSc. Enviro Entrepreneurship from the UK, MBA, a multi-discipline professional with 9+ years of experience in Circular economy/sustainability projects, new venture creation, organization development and leading a sales and marketing team. Our CTO Antonio, MSc, is a multicultural technologist with expertise in Android app development and IT services. He’s Deeply passionate about environmental sustainability on a personal level. Having lived in Sweden for a long time he has a good understanding of the business culture there.

Q: Could you please briefly introduce your app?

BeCon live is a system to gamify behaviour change in the urban consumers to “Be Conscious” in their choice of products and utilities and mode of transport. Self-learning system motivates users to lower their environmental impact by positive reinforcement.  Our intuitive mobile/web app is an accurate non-intrusive interface maintaining the users’ data privacy.

Q: Did you initially meet at the Hub for the first time or did you know each other from before?

Antonio has been working at the Hub for 2 years and I joined as a Community host in Nov 2018. We met and collaborated since January 2019 when we were a part of an Acumen workshop on “Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact!”

Q: Why do you like IHB/working in the Hub?

The Impact Hub Budapest is a positive and collaborative space that allows ideas to germinate and mature. We met many likeminded people who were passionate about the climate challenge. We received valuable mentoring from thought leaders like Fred Eberstien, Antal Karoli and Bea Bedo. Had it not been for the Impact Hub, Antonio and I wouldn’t have met. It was here that we got the chance to pitch our ideas at 620ChilliNights. We feel fortunate for the opportunities and the networks the place offers.