Impact Hub Budapest is a dynamic coworking and event space, well-known for its international community, innovation, and inclusivity. It is home to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, passionate about sustainability and social change.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing more than just a workspace; we offer a unique blend of events, workshops, and networking opportunities, all free for our members.

Additionally, our global passport provides seamless access to a vast international network, enhancing the potential for meaningful connections and collaborations on a global scale. If you too are an aspiring changemaker, the Impact HUB is the right place for you!

Kind words from our Members


“I have been working from Impact Hub for 4 months now. I was looking for a tidy place with cool people to connect with. Usually, you either get one (tidy but boring) or the other (chill but messy). They offer the right mix! The building is beautiful, you can work from the terrasse on sunny days, the big open space is clean and quiet, the staff is lovely, they often organise community events, and the other coworkers are usually young, international and open for a chat. The icing on the cake: they are quite commited to social impact activities!”


“This co-working space nails productivity! I stayed here for over three months and believe that the comfy ergonomic chairs and the quiet zone are a perfect combo for focused work. My most productive days are spent right here. The space felt like a second home!”


“I’ve been staying in Budapest for 2 months and was looking for a coworking space where I could work but also make new connections and meet people. All of this IHB offers. I had a great time here! On top of that, I like the beauty of the old building especially the third floor office where there is a big balcony and the sun is shining through the large windows during the day.”
Michael (Germany)


“I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Impact Hub Budapest! As a digital nomad I have been to many co-working spaces and this is one of the best. The modern and stylish atmosphere creates the perfect work environment and the team is incredibly helpful and super welcoming.”

How Memberships work


A tagsági díj magában foglalja a közösségi irodát és a társalgó használatát. Tagsági rendszerünk óradíjas. Használd a közösségi terünket két megbeszélés között vagy inspiráló irodaként ha környezetváltásra van szükséged.

 A napijegy ára 7240 Ft.

Csak rövid időre látogatsz Budapestre, vagy nem tudsz hosszabb ideig csatlakozni az Impact Hub közösségéhez? Tapasztald meg a Hublife-ot egy napra, megéri! Fizethetsz.készpénzzel és kártyával is.

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A tagság személyenként és naptári hónaponként értendő, az ár forintalapú és az ÁFA-t tartalmazza. A hónap közepétől kezdődően nincs időarányos tagság, a fennmaradó órákat nem lehet átvinni a következő hónapra. A legalább 4 tagú csapatok 10% kedvezményt kapnak. A tagság ingyenes teát és kávét tartalmaz. Elfogadunk készpénzt, Mastercard, VISA, AMEX kártyás fizetést is.


Ha kérdésed van a tagságunkkal kapcsolatban, kérjük, fordulj a közösség koordinátorához további információért. [email protected].


“I’m a member at Impact Hub since the end of 2020. I’m glad that during the pandemic I found a lively community of young professionals to share daily work matters and lunches. I enjoy the office chairs and desks at impact hub that are super ergonomic and to be honest it’s one of the reasons I keep on coming daily. I also enjoy informal youthful atmosphere with both Hungarian and expat co-workers.”



“I became a member at IHB the second day of my arrival in Budapest the 7th of November 2023. Me and my wife went to Budapest for ?workcation? and needed a place to work remote from. I stumbled on IHB the first morning. Both me and my wife got membership the same day.

I find the IHB full of nice and gentle people. We were very welcomed there. Everyone I have talked with at IHB speaks English, so it is easy to get around. The IHB has two different floors with different characters, and you can decide if you want to work in an open space or in more enclosed rooms. Thats perfect for different people and different focus.

What i specially like about the IHB is their interaction with different people and organizations for the benefit of the community by giving different seminars and event. That gives the member a higher notion of being a part of something bigger than just a workplace.”

David Pettersson (Sweden)


“Ever since I arrived in Budapest three months ago, ImpactHub has been more than just a workspace for me ? it?s been a home away from home. The atmosphere is just wonderful, filled with the kindest people you can imagine. I?ve not only found an ideal place to work but also made friends I truly cherish. The staff here are exceptional ? always ensuring everything runs smoothly and greeting everyone with a warm smile. They?ve got everything you need for efficient remote working, and they really know how to bring people together with their community activities. Plus, the space is huge and perfectly set up for all sorts of work. I absolutely love this place and feel incredibly happy to be a part of the ImpactHub community!”

Adriana (Mexico)


“I started as a host in April 2017, and then I moved out to another country between October 2019 and August 2021, since then, I am still a member. I like IHB because of the community. I find it special because the hourly package was very unique and easy to adapt my work style.”