#impactfulstories – Antal Károlyi & the Signcoders
- budapest

There is a real angel in the family of Impact Hub Budapest. Antal Károlyi is one of the best-known business angel in Hungary. The Signcoders a project at his heart which keeps improving and growing at the Hub. Come and get to know Tony a bit better, it is definitely worth it!

What are your superpowers?
I can travel in time. Granted, only forward. And also at quite an average speed of one day in 24 hours. But hey, who are you to judge my superpowers?!
What was your first connection to IHB? 
I first heard about IHB a long time ago, as it was still in the planning phase. I met one of the founders as you do in the local impact community, still very small at the time. But it was only much later that I joined the IHB, as I was looking for a co-working space to operate from two years back. The format is great for balancing focused work and community chit-chat. An important aspect for choosing IHB was its value-based community building that goes way beyond a shared office service.
What is your first thought, when you hear the word ?impact??
I consider our generation to be lucky to live in an age, where millions of us have real opportunity to produce positive social and/or environmental impact. I love the democratised access to value creation.
What was the idea behind establishing the SignCoders?
SignCoders is a socially inclusive software development company. Our main goal is to create tech jobs for the deaf and heard-of-hearing. The motivation might not be trivial for hearing people who do not experience the challenges the hearing impaired face on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is: it is hard to climb the career ladder with hearing impairment. That is why we have created a work environment, where deaf team members can communicate with sign language.
What long term goals you have with this venture?
Our vision is to make an IT career path accessible to as many Hungarian sign language speakers as possible. We understand that digital jobs are not everyone?s cup of tea. But we are dedicated to create as many jobs that there is interest for.
Have you got any pet project beside the SignCoders?
I continue to work with a couple of my surviving angel investments. I also preside the Hungarian Business Angel Network, an association dedicated to grow the startup investor community.
What do you consider your greatest success?
Being born on a tiny planet in a vast universe is a mindbogglingly unlikely event. The rest is a quite enjoyable free ride.