Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs: The CAPSULE Project’s Transformative Journey
- Impact Hub Budapest Admin


The CAPSULE Project, an Erasmus+ initiative spanning three EU countries—Romania, Croatia, and Hungary—has been making waves in empowering young women entrepreneurs. With its comprehensive e-courses, dynamic communities of practice, and hands-on incubation weekends, the program is transforming the lives of participants and equipping them with the skills and support needed to thrive in the entrepreneurial landscape.


A Transformative Experience:


For Milena, a young woman navigating the path of entrepreneurship in a new country, the CAPSULE Project has been nothing short of transformative. Having completed her studies, she found herself in a new environment, searching for guidance and opportunities. The program provided her with a structured framework to develop her entrepreneurial, creative, and digital skills, while also nurturing her community project ideas.


Holistic Capacity-Building:


What sets the CAPSULE Project apart is its commitment to addressing not only technical skills but also the barriers that young entrepreneurs, especially women, often face. By tackling limiting beliefs and the fear of failure, the program becomes a holistic capacity-building program. It empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and positions them as change agents in their communities.


Supporting Diversity and Inclusion:


Huong, a woman from a third country with dreams of starting her own business in Hungary, found immense support through the CAPSULE program. The initiative not only provided her with practical guidance but also created a supportive community where knowledge-sharing and embracing one another are encouraged. This focus on social inclusion and diversity within the entrepreneurial landscape resonated deeply with Huong and other participants, creating a strong foundation for their entrepreneurial journeys.


Residential Weekend: A Culmination of Growth and Inspiration:


The end of the residential weekend marked a significant milestone for the CAPSULE Project participants. It was a time for reflection, celebration, and planning for the future. The dedicated coaches and mentors guided the participants through hands-on activities, fostering an environment of collaboration and learning. The weekend served as a culmination of their growth, inspiring them to embrace their newfound skills, knowledge, and purpose.


Looking Ahead with Vigor and Purpose:


As the participants bid farewell to the residential weekend, they carry with them invaluable experiences and a newfound sense of confidence. They are equipped with the essential tools to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, ready to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields. The CAPSULE Project has not only provided them with skills but also instilled a sense of determination and resilience that will continue to drive their success.


The CAPSULE Project stands as a shining example of how entrepreneurship programs can empower young women and provide them with the tools, support, and community needed to thrive. By addressing barriers and fostering a culture of inclusivity, the program paves the way for a new generation of change-makers. With the residential weekend serving as a catalyst for growth and inspiration, the participants are now poised to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with vigor and purpose, making their mark and creating a lasting impact. The CAPSULE Project is not just a program; it is a transformative journey that unlocks the potential of young women entrepreneurs.