Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs: CAPSULE Program Selects 105 Participants from Hungary, Romania, and Croatia
- Impact Hub Budapest Admin


In an exciting development for female entrepreneurship, 105 young women from Hungary, Romania, and Croatia have been chosen to participate in CAPSULE, a prestigious 18-month program dedicated to fostering their entrepreneurial potential. Organized by Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Budapest, Impact Hub Zagreb, and Career Shift, CAPSULE aims to provide comprehensive training, mentoring, and coaching opportunities, as well as build strong learning communities to support these aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey.

CAPSULE, a European Erasmus+ program, is specifically designed for young women aged 18 to 28 who are eager to develop their own businesses and are at the initial stages of their professional careers. The program will equip participants with entrepreneurial skills, offer guidance through mentoring and coaching sessions, and provide a supportive environment for their mental and emotional growth as future entrepreneurs. The program is set to conclude in February 2025, with the establishment of several communities of practice.

Bea Bedo, CEO and co-founder of Impact Hub Budapest, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, saying, “We are thrilled to facilitate this process through the CAPSULE program. Many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those from vulnerable categories such as young mothers or immigrants, face additional challenges and often work in isolation. The CAPSULE program will provide essential resources for their personal and professional development, help them overcome obstacles, and breathe life into their business ideas.”

Following a rigorous selection process, each country has selected 35 participants for the local edition of CAPSULE. The proposed projects by the Hungarian CAPSULE participants range from opening jewelry and health-consciousness businesses to vegan restaurants and thematic cafés, demonstrating the diversity and ambition of the cohort.

The CAPSULE program offers a range of benefits based on six pillars: education (completing online courses to acquire entrepreneurial, leadership, and digital skills), mentoring and coaching, community support within an international network of young female entrepreneurs from Romania, Hungary, and Croatia, business incubation sessions (both physical and online), participation in an international bootcamp with experts and mentors, and networking opportunities through international mastermind sessions.

Scheduled to take place between September 2023 and February 2025, CAPSULE includes physical meetings, webinars, and international events. In March 2024, ten participants from the three countries will attend an international bootcamp in Bucharest, providing a valuable opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and learning.

To learn more about the participants and the program’s implementation, visit the dedicated CAPSULE webpage.

About Impact Hub Budapest:

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