Anwar Abdou

Content Manager

Anwar is a content writer at impact hub Budapest. She is experienced in journalism and content creation. She also has experience in debate training, ethnicity,minorities and communication. She gained her experiences from working for different NGOs in the Arab countries. She is now working as an assistant for Momentum Project and creating the content for social media channels.

Bea Bedő

Co-founder, Incubation Lead

Bea is the Co-Founder of Impact Hub Budapest, a „change-maker”, an angel investor, a mentor, and a trainer. She has been supporting teams, projects in business modeling, financial projections, and business development. She shares her past 21 yrs experience in working in executive finance, controlling, and auditing with young entrepreneurs. She is the Hungarian „ambassador” of the Hungarian Social Impact Award youth empowerment program from idea generation to implementing a business.

Carlos Castillo

Community Catalyst

Carlos is responsible for the community. He coordinates volunteers and helps with the day-to-day running of the HUB, organizing events and hosting. He is interested in finding ways to make good use of the space and inspire the community. He loves open-source initiatives and no-till gardening.

Fanni Csóka

Project Manager

Fanni is Project Manager at Impact Hub Budapest, experienced in international relations, diplomacy and migration. She gained expertise in project planning and implementation, supported tender applications, experienced in working with refugees and TCN women in need, managed field activities and provided PSS support. Currently she is responsible for the implementation of MOMENTUM project in Hungary.

Ly Khuc

Project Manager

Ly joined the Impact Hub Budapest team in September 2022. She works on the CRM and works on the SoTecIn project. She is a passionate introvert who values gastronomy, sustainability, and art. Ly studied hospitality management in The Netherlands where she learned about responsible businesses. She feels that transforming the food system is a mission for a more just and sustainable world.

Viktória Sőregi

Project Manager and Trainer

She is the Project Coordinator of the Incorpora Program.She has also worked as a trainer and business mentor at the SEED Foundation and NESsT Hungary. She has more than 10 years of experience in the following areas: business development and training, project management, and entrepreneurship mentoring. Youth and women from disadvantaged backgrounds has been her main focus.

Zsuzsi Valkó

Sales and Operation Manager

Zsuzsi is responsible for overseeing the bookings and events at Impact Hub Budapest. She speaks three languages fluently: Hungarian, English and Spanish. She has strong planning and organizational skills coupled with problem management. She is characterized by the ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Contact her if you need a venue!

Éva Vörös

Social Impact Award, Coordinator

Éva joined Impact Hub Budapest in 2021 as a coordinator of the Social Impact Award in Hungary. She is responsible for overseeing, developing and improving SIA program in Hungary. She is also an active member of the IH Budapest team, and she supports ongoing activities, projects and events. She has extensive international experience with NGO management and tackling social issues.



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