A Call for Social Innovation Experts to Co-Create the Social Innovation Academy
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Play a leadership role in social innovation education

Social Innovation Academy is a project aiming to become the go-to online platform for anyone willing to learn more about social innovation. We attract thousands of visitors globally each month.

Are you a social innovation academic, researcher, a successful social entrepreneur, impact investor, social innovation consultant, or an experienced practitioner from a social innovation-oriented organisation? Or maybe you are a journalist or blogger experienced in the topic of social impact and social innovation?

Why co-create the Academy?

  • Enhance your influence and gain even more recognition in your field. The Academy reaches thousands of people globally. We have several thousand social media followers and hundreds of newsletter readers. When a content piece gets published at the Academy, it is also promoted on all our social media channels and in our newsletter. Being an expert at the Academy can also be an excellent way to draw attention to your expertise field, a specific topic, or a proven practice.
  • Grow your personal network. Being part of our pool of experts is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field so that you can attract new partners, start new collaborations, or attract more clients.
  • Boost your professional career. Sharing your expertise on social innovation makes you more visible in your field. This enables you to cultivate a stronger reputation, promote your work and move forward faster in your career. Publishing a small piece of your work with the Academy can also mean you promote your larger body of work (such as full books, lectures, or publications) to new audiences.
  • Give back to the community. All the co-created content is provided on a voluntary basis and made available absolutely for free to our readers. For some, this is one of the few ways they can access high-quality, well-curated content on this specific topic, from wherever they are in the world, and irrespectively of their current level of expertise in the topic. Help them gain more knowledge and skills, and inspire and support them for the own social innovation journeys.
  • Play a dynamic role in the development of social innovation in your field of expertise. We want to raise awareness about social innovation and its potential regarding social, economic as well as environmental challenges that our societies are currently facing. While in some fields social innovation is already well-established, in others it is still an emerging topic. Let’s bring social innovation to the mainstream, together.

How can you contribute?

You can choose from three types of content:


A subject-matter article: a 1,000 words post basedon either a specific social innovation topic analysed by you in-depth (a great choice for true subject-matter experts, see an example here), or a collection of 8 social innovation good practices, arguments or sub-topics curated by you (perfect for social innovation journalists or bloggers, see an example here).


A practitioner interview: an interview with a change maker who shares their experience of going through the social innovation process. The questions are standardised and it is a great way to showcase leaders of social innovation initiatives in the private, public and civil domains. You don’t need to be very senior to be interviewed, and the social innovation itself does not need to be massive, but your social innovation should already be proven in practice and implemented in real life, positively impacting the world. You can choose between a written (see example here) or a video (check here) interview format. You can also interview someone else e.g. a winner of your social impact awards, or a top member from your social innovation hub. We provide the questions, but the length of the answers is up to you. You can also skip some questions altogether.


Real-life case study: if you think your social innovation could benefit from some visibility, and at the same time serve as an insightful example for those willing to learn more, then this is the right format for you. Each example is exactly 1-page long (see our previous examples here), and the template, instructions and guidance are provided. We are always on the lookout for inspirations from all over the world, be it from the private, public or civic domains.


Please, click for more info: http://www.socialinnovationacademy.eu/co-create/