4D Sustainability Canvas – Intro and Train the Trainer Session @Impact Hub Budapest
- budapest

Here’s an exciting opportunity we would like to share with consultants and facilitators in the sustainability and impact field. Impact Hub Budapest is bringing a 1-hour taster session to you on the application of the 4D Sustainability Canvas framework, a 3-step model that was developed in Brazil with the aim to help SME’s embedding sustainability in their strategy and business models, following the principles of the SDG Compass Guide (developed by the GRI and UN Global Compact).

In this 1-hour taster session, Liza Degtyareva the co-creator of the framework will walk you through a 3-step process of


  1. Impact mapping with the 4D Sustainability Canvas
  2. How SDG’s can be linked to SME targets
  3. Target setting – roadmap and action plan


The world of small and growing companies is a particular ecosystem where certification methods and robust sustainability strategies often don’t work due to lack of resources (time and money) and their day-to-day survival. This methodology has simplified the topic of sustainability in order or lift the overwhelming sensation about the transition to a sustainable and impactful business model. Its application has proven to give a 360 view of the negative impact companies make and the opportunities they can take for a lasting positive impact.

Sign-up at [email protected]and join us on July 16th, from 17:30, for an interactive session at Impact Hub Bp.


Our objective is to invite professionals and facilitators to explore collaboration opportunities on future 4D Canvas workshops at Impact Hub. If you liked the tool and think it can be part of your service offerings, you will be able to have further sessions with Liza, where she will share resources, live cases, and how to design an engaging workshop.