One year behind us and our journey at the Impact Hub Budapest continues to be a whirlwind. Our community of change-makers is growing and thriving, our fixed offices are full, and our co-working space is booming. We have had some really cool events in our space including an IKEA sustainability event, TEDxDanubia Talks, Dutch embassy innovation events, countless social impact events, and a few award winning competitions for social impact entrepreneurs (check out We have been featured many times in the press and even succeeded to win The 2016 BEST COWORKING OFFICE IN BUDAPEST AWARD by Iroda.Hu & and most recently the 2017 Delfin Sustainability Award for Education & Awareness from Magyar Telekom. ‘Ain’t nothin’ gonna break our stride’ and we are not slowing down anytime soon, so buckle up and enjoy the ride….

One of our mantras at the Impact Hub Budapest is “The space is never finished”, which continues to drive us forward in style. Recently our space had a bit of a makeover with a few awesome upgrades that we would like to showcase.IHB Lichen (2)

LICHEN’ OUR LOGO | You have never seen a logo quite ‘lichen’ this before, total puns intended of course. We are talking about our cool new Impact Hub Budapest logo plastered on a big wall in our co-working space which is made completely out of plush and oh so green Lichen. The logo was hand crafted for us by Virágkoktél Design and it is going to stick around for a long long time. We call it our ‘symbol of growth’ wall since lichens are not actually plants, but use photosynthesis and light to sustain their growth. Similar to the Impact Hub Budapest, they need light and positive vibes to survive. Truly unique in nature and sustainable in all ways.

JUST LOUNGIN’ AROUND | We truly think that encouraging our community to lounge around a little more during the day will make them more productive. Haven’t you heard “Lounging is the new working”, hence we added a fabulous lounge sectional in our co-working area. It is modern, it is chic, and it is oh so comfy. We always like to support Hungarian designers and this amazing piece was designed by Hannabi | The Sofa Tailor, an authentic Hungarian company started in 2010 by Hungarian designer Anikó Rácz. Hannabi has become very popular in the region due to its unique approach to customers as the centre of everything.  ’A sofa provides a space for relaxation, connection, and intimacy. We design every item with meticulous care, and every tiny detail is handcrafted like a well-tailored suit.’ Their sofas are fabulously beautiful and made with a commitment to high quality design and construction.

IHB Couch (2)CHAIR THE LOVE | In our bistro area, we FINALLY replaced the old boring white chairs with color coordinated grey and blue stackable café chairs. Also, we extended our bistro area and created a new hang out spot with cool bar tables and chairs. Just one more place in the Impact Hub Budapest to CONNECT | COLLABORATE | CREATE together.

LISTEN TO THE DIFFERENCE | Not only are the new hexagonal panels in the workshop room cool looking but did you know that they are super sound absorbing as well. These panels came to us all the way from the Berlin Hub and are making the room sound soooooo much better than ever before. The artistic arrangement was installed by our very own co-founder team of Ricsi, Susie, and Norbi, and quite a design they have done. So next time you are in the workshop room, give them a round of applause and listen to the difference…IHB Insulation (2)

There are all sorts of cool new spots to hang out and many new people to meet at the Impact Hub Budapest this summer.

We invite you to come in, sit back, relax, sip your cup of coffee, or eat your lunch, or drink a beer, or whatever suits you with friends, coworkers, and our community.