Eco-friendly clothing is all the rage right now!

Be part of this stylish and eco-fashion forward movement by donating your old jeans and denimTünde_collectorbox clothing at the Impact Hub Budapest. We are happily teaming up with premier eco-fashion designer Sharolta and collecting the goods for her to make into amazing stylish clothing. Just check out her website to see all of her cool clothes. Unfortunately, it is only in Hungarian, but the English version is coming soon. The brand Sharolta was established in 2015 in Budapest. “Our clothes are designed and made in Hungary out of carefully selected disposed textiles. We aim to produce high quality, durable pieces that  provide people with effortless and ethical style.” Below are a few pics of the clothing, the designer is coming up with new designs frequently and will work with you to customize new articles of clothing.

Let’s take a minute and talk a little about how recycled clothing is helping to make a difference in the world, specifically denim. If you are not familiar with the process, the life cycle of a pair of jeans actually requires quite a lot of stuff to manufacture. First, the raw materials must be grown (like cotton or some other natural fiber) which takes land space, water, and chemicals. Then the fibers must be processed, which takes a lot of energy, water, chemicals, and A LOT of toxic dyes. Then the fabric must be sewn together into clothing, which again takes energy and produces material waste. Not to mention any embellishments like patterns or buttons or zippers.

In addition, everything we ‘throw’ away goes somewhere whether it is clothing or gadgets or garbage. Just close your eyes for a moment and think about all the STUFF you have thrown away in the last few days… or the last week… or the last year…  That pile seems to get higher and higher.  Now think about all the other people throwing just as much stuff away, that pile is downright scary. That stuff goes somewhere, usually into landfills, and it takes a toll on our environment and on our lives.

Just some quick statistics for you to think about:

In 2006, Levi’s did a study and found that making one pair of their signature 501 style jeans for the US market requires almost 920 gallons of water, 400 mega joules of energy and expelled 32 kilograms of carbon dioxide. They said this was equivalent to running a garden hose for 106 minutes, driving 78 miles and powering a computer for 556 hours. (source from Click here to read the full article.

In the UK, roughly two million tonnes of clothing and textiles are thrown away every year and only 16% of that waste is ever reused. That’s roughly £140 million worth of waste. meanwhile, 80% of textile waste going to landfills can actually be reused (WrAP, 2015).


By recycling jeans, of course you still will have the environmental impact of the manufacturing, BUT now you are re-purposing existing clothing and getting a 2nd entire life cycle from practically nothing! It is truly a win for the environment and a win for the consumer. With very little effort (simply just dropping them off at the Impact Hub collection bin) you can contribute to ONE less piece of clothing going into a landfill. Not to mention, your closet will have a little more space and somehow when w_IGP6298e de-clutter our closet, we also help de-clutter our minds. Could be a little therapeutic as well….


So, visit us at the Impact Hub Budapest and donate your old jeans or denim clothing.

You will be contributing just a little to help a BIG cause.