Entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators who are making change happen – our community embraces awesome, like-minded people with diverse professional backgrounds and one shared goal: to make a positive impact in Budapest. In our blog series we would like to show you who the Impact Hubbers of Budapest are and why we are thrilled to have them in our community.

Tamas BankiTamás Bánki, better known as DrLinkedin, joined Linkedin in 2007 and has been helping professionals, students, marketing, HR, sales and business people in many different sectors and industries to use Linkedin more efficiently. Of course he is one of the most connected people using Linkedin in Hungary with over 11,000 connections. Not only does he assist companies in Hungary, but he is also working with people from all over the world. They call him Dr Linkedin for a reason!

IH: Tell us about your startup/yourself: how are you making an impact?

TB: I am not actually a start-up, I am a solopreneur. My specialty is being a Linkedin profile builder, Linkedin company page builder, and Linkedin lecturer/trainer. I am also writing a book for job hunters in Hungarian, specifically, how to use Linkedin to get a new job or land in a new level of career.

I feel that my impact is helping companies grow their businesses and get themselves recognized/found in a sea of online competitors. Often, I feel like people are fed up of searching and just want results. I am driven to get them the results they want and need for their business or self-promotion or job search. I like to think my impact is also helping people to be less frustrated with social media.

IH: How do you sustain your venture/project?

I am slowly building a client base by writing a lot of content and blogging a lot about the value of Linkedin. This brings in most of my clients and I meet a lot of people through Linkedin. My website in Hungarian is www.DrLinkedin.hu and in English is www.DrLinkedin.com. Up until now, I often felt like a hamster running around, working hard and not having results. BUT I am finally feeling like things are starting to happen. My business is growing and I even have a virtual assistant.

IH: What was the inspiration behind DrLinkedin?

TB: All my life I wanted to work in a way that I help people and I get paid for my expertise.  I hated going to school and structured learning, but I love teaching. I realized my calling back in the 80’s when I was skiing in Austria. There was a group of Germany based military guys from the US dressed funny and seemingly not knowing anything about how to ski. I asked them if they wanted to learn to ski better and not fall all the time. Some took me up on the offer and we all enjoyed the day learning about skiing and each other. Since then, I just wanted to teach and help people.

IH: Why did you choose to join Impact Hub Budapest and what do you hope to get out of this experience?

TB: I used to work at another coworking space and when I came from there to the Impact Hub Budapest, I felt like I was coming home. I was not feeling inspired there. I LOVE the Impact Hub space and the high ceilings and the natural light, it is so much nicer to work here. I am utilizing the meeting rooms often and they have welcomed my meet-up group to be organized here.

Also, I feel like it was a bit of fate that brought me here. Multiple paths brought me to the Impact Hub Budapest 1) I know the former owners of the Impact Hub space and was very close to them in a former job. 2) I have been working for a while as the official Tweeter of TEDxDanubia, who also rent a fixed office space at the IHB. 3) I met one of the co-founders, Norbert, through Kürt Akadémia, where I teach How to benefit from Linkedin – and I had to realize that I know 4 out of the 6 founders.

Basically, my circle of contacts indirectly connected and came together here at the Impact Hub. I feel like I was just meant to be here…

IH: Are you looking for collaborators at the moment and if yes, how can someone help you take your business to the next level?

TB: I am always looking for more collaborators, but I don’t know how and I don’t know whom to collaborate with. One of the former hosts could have been a REALLY valuable employee/partner for me and I met him here at the Impact Hub, but he ended up getting another job and thus no longer here. Once people know what I do, they always ask me for advice and I am always happy to help people with their business. However, this is a business for me and I really want to get paid for my expertise. Sometimes it is difficult to transition advice about Linkedin into actually getting paid. I could be better at this.

IHB: What has been the biggest challenge that you faced on your entrepreneurial journey so far?

TB: Dealing with the tax authority. It is part of being an entrepreneur to know how things work, but it is a real challenge in this country. The less administrative stuff I need to deal with, the happier I am. I feel like I always come up with ideas to help entrepreneurs in dealing with the same issues that I have faced, but often I don’t know how to get paid for my ideas. This is a challenge for me….

IHB: Based on your experience so far, what would be your advice for fellow and aspiring change-makers in Budapest?

TB: Become a solopreneur! For future entrepreneurs in Hungary, I would strongly recommend the KATA taxing system. It is only 50,000HUF per month + you have to pay some other small tax fee of 50,000HUF per year to the local municipality, and with this structure you can run your business with minimal administration and very easily.

ONE more important thing: IF YOU ARE STARTING A BUSINESS ON YOUR OWN, DO NOT WORK AT HOME!  Join a coworking office and be around other inspiring people.

We LOVE his closing answer! Totally Agree!!! Many Thanks to Tamas for taking the time for an interview. We truly hope that his advice and experience will inspire others at the Impact Hub Budapest.