Entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators who are making change happen – our community embraces awesome, like-minded people with diverse professional backgrounds and one shared goal: to make a positive impact in Budapest. In our blog series we would like to show you who the Impact Hubbers of Budapest are and why we are thrilled to have them in our community.


A dog-lover, sustainability enthusiast and circular economy protagonist, Eszter is running her own environmental consultancy partly from the Impact Hub office, sometimes even bringing her small daughter to the coworking space. With over 25 years of experience, she is inspiring and convincing companies to buy into the vision of an environmentally friendly and future-building industrial sector.

IH: Tell us about your startup/yourself: how are you making an impact and how do you sustain your venture/project?

EK: I am an environmental consultant working especially on environmental permitting. For 25 years I have been working with the aim of helping companies, mainly industrial players to pursue environmentally friendly operations.

IH: What was the inspiration behind launching your own consultancy?

EK: I have worked in environmental consulting as an employee of large international corporations before, where the focus has mostly been on profitability but in environmental consultancy there are of course also many other factors to consider. These companies have left Hungary for now. Therefore I came to the decision that through working in my own company I can have more professional freedom and enjoy my job more as I feel that my work has even more positive impact.

IH: Why did you choose to join IHB and what do you hope to get out of this experience?

EK: I heard about the opening of Impact Hub a year ago and I thought it would be a good thing to work together with others, get to know new people, help each other and cooperate on the basis of partnership and everyone being equal. I also heard that dogs are allowed, then I knew it was my kind of place.

IH: Are you looking for collaborators at the moment and if yes, how can someone help you take your business to the next level?

EK: I am open for partnerships and collaborations and I am happy to help anyone who comes to me with an environmental question or who needs advice about a company that they are about to start.

IH: What has been  the biggest challenge that you faced on your entrepreneurial journey so far?

EK: Usually the management does not want to invest that much in the environment and my biggest challenge is finding ways, arguments which help companies understand that it is important to spend money on environmental causes. This is especially true in the case of Hungarian companies, who follow less strict legislations than their Western European counterparts. If there is no binding legislation, then I have to find the right reasons which help me convince them. Probably not in the short run, but environmentally friendly operations also help saving on costs, and this argument is always very strong.

IH: Based on your experience so far, what would be your advice for fellow and aspiring change-makers in Budapest?

EK: If you have a good plan, never let anyone stop you from turning it into reality – this is my most important piece of advice. If you are interested in sustainability, look into the concept of circular economy, which is based on the idea of eliminating waste through close loop production, and this is the new paradigm in sustainability where the future is heading to.


A huge thank you to Eszter for answering our questions and to Nóra Locskai who prepared the interview.